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Tables and Chairs

Adult Table set R150
Kids Table set R150
Includes table, 10 Chairs & table cloth
You can choose you're table cloth and chair colours.

Extras each:
Adult table: R80
Adult Chairs: R10
Kids table R80
Kids Chairs R8
Table cloth R30

Adult Table and Chair Set

Overlays R15

Size aproximatly 90x90 cm

Mini mouse
Size 60x60cm

Minions runners only.


RENT any Banner for R50

All banners have 1 meter rope at each side of the banner at every hole.
You are welcome to replace it with ribbon but remember to return my rope. :)
Sofia the First
size: 50cm x 120cm
size: 66cm x 120cm
Ninja Turtles
size: 70cm x 120cm
size: 70cm x 120cm
Hello Kitty
size: 50cm x 120cm
Frozen Elsa
size: 50cm x 120cm
Frozen Olaf
size: 50cm x 120cm
size: 70cm x 120cm
size: 50cm x 120cm
Frozen Photo Board
size: 70cm x 120cm
Image Coming Soon!
RENT any Theme Flags R25
RENT any Plain Coloured Flags R15

All flags have 1 meter rope at each side from where the flags stop.
ADD 2 meter to your flag size to see what area you can cover.
Image Coming Soon!

Themed Banners

Hallo Kitty Pink flag (3.5 meter)
Sofia Flag (2.2 meter)
Barbie Flag (3.5 meter)


Themed Banners

Hello Kitty Pink & Purple Flag(3.4 meter)
Minions flag (2.6 meter)
Ninja Turtles flag (2.6 meter)


Plain Colour flags R15

Pink and purple no 1 (2.7 meter)
Ninja plain (2.7 Meters)
Red en Yellow no 1 (2.7 meter)